Aspen Neuroscience’s Thorsten Gorba, PhD, and Xiaokui Zhang, PhD, Presented at the iPSC-Derived Cell Therapies Summit

Aspen Neuroscience’s Chief Scientific Officer Xioakui Zhang, PhD, served as a panel member at the annual iPSC-Derived Cell Therapies Summit in Boston during “Industry Leaders’ Fireside Chat: Taking a Look at the Current Learnings from iPSC-Derived Cell Therapies & Determining Future Outlook & Developments,” on Tuesday, December 6th. She reflected on current learnings from therapeutics development to drive focus and motivation while highlighting demands of the future. This panel also discussed validating iPSCs as a starting material for immune-oncology and regenerative medicine therapies to drive further investment and efforts in the space.  

Later that day, Aspen Neuroscience’s Thorsten Gorba, PhD, Vice President, Manufacturing presented during the seminar, “Establishing Effective Potency Assays to Test Therapy Efficacy,” where he discussed markers and characteristics that can help to predict clinical effectiveness to measure in assays, establishing potency assays to assess the actions and functions of iPSC products to safeguard cell activity, and certifying that iPSC products have potency levels of original cells through assays. 

Xioakui Zhang, PhD
Xioakui Zhang, PhD
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Thorsten Gorba, PhD

Aspen Neuroscience does not make determination on patient eligibility for clinical trials and all trial related enrollment and eligibility decisions are made by clinical trial sites under the direction of a Principal Investigator. ANPD001 is investigational and is not yet approved by the FDA. At this time, Aspen Neuroscience does not offer or participate in compassionate use or expanded access programs for ANPD001.